Saturday, March 15, 2008


All arduous askings avidly answered
by beloved brothers become bothersomely boring
causing classic coolness countrywide.
Dearest dominions defy dramatic disasters
every effervescent evening, each ego
freely forgets frought fondling, forever fooled.
Gleefully golden glimpses grazing goodness
have honeydew horizons held highly
inside individual introspective intentions.
Joyful journalists jibber-jab jealously, jibing
knock-kneed, kewpie kabuki's, keenly
lamenting lewd livid loveliness, lixiviating.
Memorializing monotonous morons motivates
nothing, no one, never needed Neanderthal
Opponents offer opposite oppression often.
Professional people persuade paliatism
quickly, queerly, questionable
results rapidly reappearing, rampant retorts.
Small stimuli sometimes stroke soundless
tenacious tendencies throughout temperate
undertows unless unwanted umbilicus uncloses.
Vandalized venomous variations vaticinate
without weighing wholly, wondering why
x-rayed xanthans xerophious.
Young yodelers yearlong yearnings yield
zig-zagging zealots zymogenic zombies.

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paisley said...

whoa!!! now that is taking the whole abecerdarian thing to the max!!!!!