Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crispy Critters

Solar rays like shredded glass
now wage a special war
Skin once pink and slightly pale
now itchy, red and sore
To bronze our skin was once the rage
chic at the very least
We'd march our tails down to the beach
half naked and well greased
A healthy look we thought it gave
we all feel so good tanned
Token days on towels with
big coolers at our hand
Remember when we thought it was
a good dose of vitamin D
Yet there was no question, that too much,
could cause a third degree
I think we used to have more time
to romp within the sun
It seems as if the fun's become
a deadly loaded gun
Since now we know the ozone's weak
earths filter is no more
The yellow ball we used to love
will now cook us to the core
So throw away your oils and balms
that claim to help you tan
Buy something with SPF 10
and stay out of the frying pan


TC said...

10?!?! Ha! :)

I was at the beach last week and one day it was really cloudy to start with, so I hadn't put anything on. The sun came out while we were getting cash, so while my friend ran in to the bathroom, I stood in the sun. Five minutes, tops right?

My back and shoulders were FRIED. It was ridiculous.

Especially since I am very careful about sunscreen on a normal basis (I've had one of those nasty, boiling, can't function 3rd degree burns)... I usually use a 45. And reapply every hour or so.

paisley said...

great write... very clever use of the prompts...

tumblewords said...

Unfortunately, it's far too true - nicely done and a clever use of the prompt words!

pia said...

I just moved to the beach. If I don't wear 15 everyday and 45 when it's actually warm I'm fried

But I keep reading and have always believed that 15 minutes of unprotected sun might be very helpful against many cancers

Who knows?

Really enjoyed it. Very clever

J.C. Montgomery said...

Great title...and even greater poem. Simply wonderful!!

anthonynorth said...

A burning issue excellently handled :-)

One More Believer said...

raised on the beach... every day i could i was there... burned to a crisp somedays.. now i wonder... still hang out in the sun... wear a hat and glasses... great read... was just listening this morning on tv talkin abt tanning booths and how they lie abt being good for you...instead of causing cancerous cells...

Bone said...

That was fun and clever. 10 does me no good either, though. 15 will work if I'm only out for a couple hours and if I reapply. Otherwise, it's 30.