Saturday, December 29, 2007

Now & Later, Now & Then

As a child I grew up in a neighborhood that for the most part was considered Industrial. Right out the front door was the highway; it was an elevated highway that hugged the coastline from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel all the way into Bay Ridge. Across the street was a metal foundry where they molded metal into various objects for various uses. Then up the block were the offices for the factory that was a "junk mail" clearing house which was a few blocks away.

We had the business that made propellers, there were a lot of shipping companies, the factory that made all sorts of doll parts, and how could I forget the company just near the corner that used to make Christmas decorations. I can remember going there on Halloween and getting boxes of glass balls for the tree in lieu of candy. I didn't know too many kids who went home with Christmas ornaments that night...but when in Rome.

Every evening you could look out the back window and see the pink glow of the "Goya" sign atop the factory that produced Spanish condiments. I always looked forward to passing the Surplus Sales Warehouse because you never knew when they would be having a sale right out of their garage. Unlike the air in the country, it smelled different where I lived; it smelled sort of sooty and plastic, except....when the wind was just right you could smell the dyes from the towel factory.

The best smell that I remember however was from the candy factory. You didn't always smell it but there were times when there was nothing else you could possibly smell at all. I'm talking close to forty years ago and I've since moved away and the area is nothing like it used to be. Many of the factories have been converted into housing and a lot of the immigrants from lower Manhattan have moved into the area after 911. The funny part was that the candy factory I speak of made little chewy candies called "Now & Later", you may have eaten them; they were very popular in my neighborhood and I know they're still made somewhere but haven't had one in many years.

Life in those days was good, aside from being childishly carefree, those days left a lot of good memories which I still carry with me today. Thanks for helping me remember the memories I love to think of every "now and then."

Friday, December 28, 2007

the imposter

A penny a page
was all that was paid to
the scrivener of yore
who haughtily gave
the appearance of
a gilded gentleman
behind his parapet
of paper and ink.
He was so distal
to the wealthy that
he served
that nary a trace
of what he penned for them
could ever be
applied to him.

The Beatles - John Lennon - Imagine

I always liked this song and thought it would be right for the day...thank you YouTube and monnalisaare!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Death - No emoticon needed

Death is a villain
that we can not stave away
attempt as we will


Blood becomes viscous
when it's dead and motionless
til it's dried complete


Caskets were not meant
to become the new homes of
the lives we once knew


Flesh will most times rot
when the life has gone from it
if given the chance


Pain does not always
follow a death unless it
somehow affects you


Hoping for heaven
helps the unsure with relief
when nothing is left


Tree roots cut in half
are always the result of
a grave in the woods


The heart is a pump
whose job is done when it stops
working on its own


Petals on the floor
can't be prevented even
at the florists wake

Happy Holidays One and All!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The last Christmas Eve,

That eve she came, it was her last
still visible inside her shell
Disheveled, wrinkled, not the past
still loving and dear you could tell
Bearing the gifts she'd leave behind
wrapped in white tissue and ready
Her once taut skin was now all lined
her hands held out were unsteady
The gifts she gave, were once her cache
of glitter that she had been given
Back to us came, her treasured stash
that she would not need in heaven
She feared that she must soon take leave
of her life we all loved so dear
Days that took her so long to weave
would be gone in less than a year
We did not want to take her things
this could not be hap'ning today
How could we care about her rings
this time when we just craved her stay
No matter what, we dreamt or felt
her course was already plotted
The time it took, for her to melt
was less than had been allotted
This time each year, I always feel
despair for what no one could change
The days that did then, lose their zeal
remain and are no longer strange
Merry Christmas Mom

Friday, December 21, 2007

All I want for Christmas is a fifth

as a drunk on
a binge a loser who
lives in the dark.Entrusted
with kids who think he's the best
he makes up his bed in the park.Is
it because he works for a pittance or
are they so hard to be found. They don't
even need a big rounded gut perhaps they are
paid by the pound. On his Red throne he shares
his boney lap, his beard like the tail of a horse. We
all take our kids to see this great man the malls

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For You

Ave Maria

This is the only way I could get you to hear may have heard it before but being in the mood I am today, I just discovered it....The song is a classic, Bono's rendition is wonderful...I think both are great and would love to share it with you...........enjoy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Should I Would I Do I

Did you ever wonder what it was that you did wrong?
If it had been intentional I'd remember it wouldn't I?

Did you ever walk in a room and know something was amiss?
If it was important enough to me I'd recognize it wouldn't I?

Did you ever feel as if you didn't know what to do next?
If I was ambitious enough I'd know what it was wouldn't I?

Did you ever feel like you didn't care about any of these things?
If I really didn't care I wouldn't be asking about them now would I?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair Remembered

I remember going to the fair many times. We lived in Brooklyn and Sunday afternoons were often spent at the fair. I remember the Belgian Waffles with the whipped cream and strawberries, the Pieta, the flags, the big Globe, the monorail, and that huge tire. I was 6 in 1964 - it was great.