Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scavengers three

This was almost too embarrassing to post yet these are the current feelings I have based on the last months conversations and what occurred to me the other day........I wish it were different.

It took all their lives
year after year
to collect and amass
the things that they loved
To them it meant more
than you'd ever know
to have and to hold
the things that they saved
The books and the lamps
the furniture nice,
what they deemed art
the things that they bought
Old computers and china
the silver and brass
all nicely upheld
the things that they owned
With clothing enough
to open a store
many tags still in place
the things that they had
Then one day they left
all their treasure behind
to be picked over slowly
the things that they loved
To others it meant
less than you'd expect
to keep and retain
the things that they saved
The cash, house and bonds
now that's what was sought
the big ticket items, not
the things that they bought
We all have our couches
our dining room sets
we'll sell all the jewels
the things that they owned
So don't leave for others
the things you hold dear
and expect them to love them
the things that you have
Many things become trash
when you're no longer around
so make them all happy
turn your cache into cash

1 comment:

paisley said...

exactly.. i watched my mom and her sisters,, all affluent mind you scavenge and argue (some still not speaking after more than 5 years)over what "mom and dad" left.. disgusting.. it made me realize what ever i leave behind will just be a mess for someone else to clean up... that is why all i want to leave behind is words.. trapped in the internet that cannot be thrown in the trash at someones digression.. they may fade away... but then again.. they may not........