Saturday, March 15, 2008


Who else I might have been

It was about 1920, I think, when I last
had an appetite for doing the Charleston
with my favorite flapper, Flo; she knew how
to make my nights last forever and was
responsible for the good times, but then
I vaguely remember a hanging post
with gallows creaking beneath;
a rope of pinching hemp surrounds
my bristly neck in anticipation of the drop
which ends with a sharp twisting crack, and
As I stood waiting for the crowd to finish
the deed they had begun I recalled
a queen, a beautiful dame who was
deeply in love with her stable boy,
but at the time I thought I was dreaming, yet
Being a horses attendant, a queens "boy" was OK;
as I lay in a mound of hay I wondered why
all that my memory saw was that trip across
the ocean to that far off, unknown land that
was supposedly the place to be that day, however
Someday I might remember being me, today,
and perhaps question who else I might have been
if just one day, one hour, one second was different;
Or if I'm lucky I'll not remember at all and
the comparisons, the regrets, will never exist


Linda Jacobs said...

What a trip through time! I enjoyed this poem!

paisley said...

my only ever real affinity with a personage or a time period was with the concentration camps... i wonder if i was there.. or i just feel for them so deeply that i put myself there... this was very nicely done.

gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes we do feel that way.

The books I would write

tumblewords said...

Nice post - I wonder if we all think about who/what we could have been if only.... nicely done!

Amarettogirl said...

What a stunning response to the prompt! I was enthralled and truly entranced! You have also inspired me to tackle this question in an upcoming blog!!

rebecca said...

i like the way each stanza led to the other as if connected, yet not. this was very nicely done. very, very nice.

writersisland said...

Nice post! Enjoyed visiting your blog. Please stop by