Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crack in a smile

Centuries ago it was decided
that when our loved ones leave this world
their remains should be saved for posterity
so that we could later visit and feel
I can't explain the reasoning
the ancients had when the choice was made
to keep the dead eternally prepared as if
Sunday dinner was just a week away
Nor can I understand the outings,
the family trips to the park like setting which
has become the new abode for ones we once
held so close, those we wish hadn't moved so far away
We go bearing gifts of flowers and the like
all standing around gazing at a stone
knowing full well any conversation will be one sided
yet the wrought emotions supposedly help
Are we not becoming one with the rock itself
as our unmoving, carved features just stare
at the granite, their granite slab of a roof
that only helps us remember the feelings of loss
Perhaps we are secretly hoping, attempting
to forget the separation, wishing that our hearts
become hardened to the experienced pain, the weight,
much like each layer of developing shale does
Although I may not get it, I do it, like the elders
before me I also peer at the etched memorial
my secret hope however it that I will know when
to move on before the stoniness takes me completely


gautami tripathy said...

Oor elders perhaps knew that we would want to reconnect with our past.

Good one!

Cross out old memories

OneMoreBeliever said...

very thought provoking... empty vessels of timeless ashes some seeking comfort...

paisley said...

this is definitely a subject i have looked hard and long into.. i must admit,, i found myself attached to things,, not headstones so much but places things and find comfort somehow in them... i don't know why or how,, i just know i do.

Michelle Johnson said...

I really liked this one, Deathsweep. You make a good point. I think people tend to morn what used to be, what they remember. Sometimes, they tend to morn for to long and forget to move on with their lives. I am guilty of such after my uncle Frank died and later with my mammaw. My hope is that someday everyone will be able to find that peace their looking for and live their lives to the fullest. Afterall, I think the dead would like it that way. Have a nice night.