Friday, March 7, 2008

Life outside the Beaker

I often question if there is more than just
the obvious
outcome to the parade I've
marched in for so many years;
not headlined, not starred,
steadily marched
I ponder where it is headed, where I myself
am headed
if in any direction at all;
would it matter if I knew beforehand
and if so would I really, truly,
be happy I knew?
Might being aware of the truth, of the results, change
the way
that the days are spent;
would the droning still tire me
or would this sacred knowledge offer healing powers
otherwise unavailable?
Onlookers wave as I pass; a bevy of casual smiles become
less and less
meaningful as I continue to trod
past others who must wonder as well;
I think I sense the fear in many of them much like my own;
perhaps I hope
They should, they have to, mustn't they? I cannot be alone
in my thoughts
yet knowing so provides no answers
to where and when "cut" will be called,
when the curtain will drop and the show abruptly ends;
no encore
I could experiment a bit, sure just a bit, cutting ahead of the line
and taking
a peek at the beyond but what if it
is not what I'm hoping for; what if it's as I think,
what if the parade ends at a dead end and there are
no former participants?
Perhaps it's better to leave the laboratory to the rats,
let the proverbial chips
fall where they may and hope for the best but be willing to just sleep,
still knowing that acceptance doesn't really matter.
So can you tell me why the hell I'm wondering
about this?


paisley said...

something about encountering the finality of death causes extreme introspection... i can see you are involved in some of that here... i am finding there are no answers... only questions....

tumblewords said...

I like the depth and layering of this piece - it deserves several readings and a quiet processing. And yet, the overlay is clever, light and fun! Nice!

gautami tripathy said...

Many meanings to it. A verse meant to be read and re-read.

Refluxing Life

Amarettogirl said...

What an eloquent way to ask those deep life questions!! Nice job!

Leigh Lear said...

very nice, and i ask those same questions daily.

LittleWing said...

your thoughts and questions are as tiny little snowflakes falling from heaven... with depth but yet deep understanding... do i really want to know, do i really want to see what's at the end.. how bout if i just take it in the right now and be satisfied... if only... i shall sit upon this pink cloud and ponder...