Saturday, March 29, 2008


I wish that's all I ever was
just an April Fool,
Left with some eleven months
feeling like a jewel
But no, my life is lived like I'm
the third leg of your stool,
Knowing that I can't but help
to shoulder all the cruel
I wonder if it's in my head
this slimy, viscous gruel
And if I'm always slipping on
my constant dripping drool
Or are the feelings of alone,
sinking, drowning in a pool,
A course that I failed to attend
when I should have been in school....


DaisyBug said...

Slipping on dripping drool... I don't think I know why but I liked that line! Thanks for sharing!

paisley said...

very cute and clever... and i know you know you are none of those silly things!!!!

Anonymous said...

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