Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A woman who grew up quite poor
did never believe in grandeur
she tried not to compare
til she spied her first pair
And became a grand voyeur du jour

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A gal who was youngish yet gray,
washed up near the rocks one dark day,
nightly while she was fast asleep
her brain told her that she should leap
BUT not from the bridge that spanned the bay!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just so I remember...

Life has been kind to me of late...I seem to have slipped out of an actual depression that I was in and am having an extremely good time with my life. I almost forgot what it was like to be in a relationship and I can tell you this, it's wonderful. I've been taking care of my health, meeting new people, going to places that I have fully enjoyed, I got to see my one and only beautiful niece get married to the man of her dreams and she looked so happy that day...that made me so happy for everyone involved and even happier that I was almost a representative (at least in my mind) for those who couldn't be there. You know, life is strange, sometimes it throws you a bunch of shit that you think you'll never get through and then out of the blue you also get smacked in the head with goodness. I've been finding that the crap is much easier to cope with when there's also some good going on simultaneously and hope that this current trend continues...I feel so at peace with myself and with what's going on around me. In no special order (don't anyone be offended), thank you Mary, Will, Liz, Jon, Christi, Patrick, Elyse, Karen, Ben, Pat, Lynsey, David, Jim, Naomi, Starr, John Pond, Janice, Cliff, Georgia, Stan, Bernie, Bill, Keith, Pete, Cynthia, Robert, Vinny, Joyce, Marie, Vicki, Jodi, Christie, Mikey B, Ang, Matthew, Richard, Andrew, Rosemary, Mom, Judy, Taffy, Glenda, Amelia, Josephine, Frank, John, Betty, Dad and to those that don't immediately come to mind who have helped me get here...I can once again smile and mean it.