Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snowbird Mania

This is inspired by a promt at Writing Companion "are we there yet". It seems that some of us long to be "there" yet won't admit it when we arrive. Here it is:

It is here now
but not there yet
as the bulbs
begin to bloom
As coldness fades
to warmer days
and sunshine
replaces the gloom
Deep in the south
spring has arrived
yet the northerner
still wears his coat
In this respect
they can't claim tops
so I guess
it's our time to gloat
These are the days
they pile in cars
and head
this way yet they fret
They'll spend a week
declaring we're slow
not admitting their words
"are we there yet"?


Marsha Durham said...

Good idea taking 'there' as seasonal change, plus the phenomenon of people migrating for climate.

paisley said...

no kidding huh??? not enough good things can be said about living in the south... i love it and miss it daily.....

'soulless' said...

Enjoyable rhyme; even the rhythm reflects the humor within the content of the poem. ;) Cheers.