Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bored or.......Zwkat

As I have mentioned before I truly love puzzles. They can be words, numbers, pictures, you name it and I will try it or already have; and I'm sure I enjoyed it. One of my favorites are those substitution puzzles, you know, the ones where sayings or adages have their letters replaced with a simple substitution code; I really like working those. Anyway, I tried my hand at creating one of those out of a simple poem I wrote and I thought I'd throw it out and see where it wound up. I wish I could say the one that cracks the code wins something grand but.....well, you don't. If by chance you're bored, like I was this evening, you might want to try to let me know what this says beneath the code. Like I said, I was bored.

Grffnd enprp phykk ciph kyr
dyuakrpp jrnjkr orqeu hn lko
jenjsrhp prberhko qptyua dso
dsqh'p hsr erqpnu y ciph heo
dso bqu'h y miph pyh quk beo?

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