Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bitter ending

She looms in my mind; she hovers
my thoughts completely aromatized
I remember the days; us lovers
as one we seemed to be optimized
A duo is oh so efficient
at nursing the needs of each other
In time you become so proficient
there is never a need for another
But break the pair and you'll find
alone just tastes acidophilous
With beings no longer combined
each second in time feels so treacherous

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ocean of Tears

As I sit on the edge of this king
and peruse the room; too familiar
emotional waves lap at my soul
like flames licking my tender skin

I think I can endure these days
as long as I keep the curtains drawn
preventing the view of the sea
from flooding my already drenched mind

Not sure if I belong here tonight
but then where DO I now fit in
is a thought that keeps nagging at me
causing false expectations of the future

My brain suddenly feeling swollen
with 30 odd years of processed thoughts
all colliding with one another at once
my head throbbing is all that I feel

I need to go and eat..........................

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heal me!

Ahhhh healing, what a sweet ring that has to it. They say the body begins to heal when it becomes strong enough to overcome the power of the injury and regeneration or growth begins once again. In most cases, this process can be accomplished with the help of some outside influence whether it be from a doctor or just the application of some over the counter salve or remedy. At times the body heals by itself, like that annoying canker sore that mysteriously disappears when you least expect it or when you wake up and suddenly realize that the muscle ache you've had for a week is simply no longer there.

You can research and find many venues that give you approximate time frames in which various ailments are projected to heal; it's good to be able to track your progress based on these time lines. Knowing that a scab has formed tells you that you are well on the way to recovery and that in and of itself makes you somehow feel better. In this instance we are usually cautious to be sure that we don't inadvertently re-injure the site and sort of allow it to heal thereby making us one, once again.

Then of course there is the wound that we can try to assist in its healing, try to keep from starting anew but nonetheless no matter how hard we try to medicate and protect it we have no control over it. I'm finding that the hardest thing to heal is the mind. We supposedly have more control over our own minds than anyone or thing combined and yet there are certain times when no matter how desperate we are to heal our minds they seem to run amok tossing salt into gaping wounds causing continued pain and anguish. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something on the lines of Neosporin or some type of antiseptic that we could either ingest or apply that would assist in healing our heads?

What's even odder than not being able to heal our minds is the reaction our bodies have when our mind is in pain. Physical pain can also accompany pain in the brain and it seems when the physical pain is in fact caused by our minds pain there too is no way to heal that either. I guess there must be soothing techniques which can be used to ease the minds pain but until now, at least for me, they don't seem to be too reliable. So, as I first said, ahhh healing, it has such a sweet ring to it and right now I could use lots of sweet rings.