Friday, February 15, 2008


This prompt is compliments of Mad Kanes Humor Blog and asks for a Limerick and Haiku about a bad job or jobs you have had - here's what I came up with:


Door to door salesmen
often have black and blue toes
and hate the word "NO"


When first I met a conveyor belt
it gnawed my hands, left many a welt
I just wanted to quit
tell them all to "eat shit"
til I'd recall the rent where I dwelt


Mad Kane said...

Fun ones! So glad you joined in on my latest prompt!

paisley said...

i think it is kind of fun to be able to write this little filler stuff sometimes....

Crafty Green Poet said...

I rally like your haiku, excellent

LittleWing said...

those are good... and funny... your limerick reminded me when i worked with dishes all day long and i felt exactly like that... one day i couldn't help myself i did tell them what to eat... of course, it was my last day...