Thursday, February 14, 2008

There was a crooked road

I once lazily did travel though life
unknowing, unexpectant of anything
foreign or thrown
as if my days were simply
answered arithmetic problems
upon a third grade board of slate
When out of the deepest azure,
to my chagrin the proverbial curve ball
was pitched into my line of sight
causing a bob and weave effect that forced
change to my effortless course; again.
Just one more tiresome, painful distraction
New plans are set, aiming at goals,
current avenues abandoned, wailing subsides
when it begins all over anew; the arcs of crap
Strolling is over, "life aint a picnic no more"
and it seems that each time I begin to know
where I'm headed, someone moves the ends.


Michelle Johnson said...

There's so much truth here. And, I love how you used the theme/ phrase. It fit so well. Don't you wish you could go through life without so many changes, sometimes? Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day~

tumblewords said...

Ah, this is superb. I love the words of change, the inner dialog and the clever way you incorporated the words and theme. 'third grade board of slate' is one of my fave lines - although there ARE others. :)

Scott Clawson said...

If it wasn't for the changes and challenges in life, we may become just a little too complacent! Of course, what's wrong with a little complacency? Excellent use of the Friday 5, thanks for sharing it! :-)

M as in Mint said...

' seems that each time I begin to know
where I'm headed, someone moves the ends...' - That is so true! The change ...sometimes welcome, sometimes a knock-off; yet we strive on persistently to get around it... Your poem has given a lovely mould to the theme!

UL said...

Change is scary and crooked, but change keeps us moving...very nice.

gautami tripathy said...

At this point, I should have got used to change. But it kind of scares me.

itchy, scratchy, welted

paisley said...

sometimes i just dread the call to "play ball"... this was very well done...

Christine said...

The baseball analogies work well in your poem.

lissa said...

you used the friday 5 words well. I enjoy reading this. your use of arithmetic is just perfect.