Thursday, February 7, 2008

Science, medicine, ethics

Centuries passed have proven that insight to disease
has grown in proportion like the enlarging catheter
bag of the infirmed on a good day; not always revealing
the true content until further scrutiny takes place
Medicines bag, constantly swelling from byproducts
that to many are considered golden miracles
are also determined just waste to a great majority
who see and feel the uselessness of the output
The specialist who says "What once would kill can now
be miraculously cured when instructions are followed"
often gives the impression of a snake oil salesman
peddling his latest, greatest discoveries to the masses
Prolonging the inevitable has become the fad of the day
compassion often secondary to attempts
of the latest procedure; there's always another way
that can be tried to save you from acceptance of the end
Who can determine the quality of your life, of mine;
doctors of Science, Medicine, Ethics, I think not
anyone but ourselves know if it's worth clinging on
to what little we sometimes have left, when it's time to go
The decision of enough being enough is undoutedly ours
but when advised by someone we trust of the vast hopes,
of the probable success, it's difficult to comprehend that
we may be just another of their laboratory rats
It's all a game of roulette to the man with the title,
a crap shoot, and as the betting man prefers high odds
over a low paying sure thing, one wonders if their license
should be to medicate, mediate, and play the horses


paisley said...

thats what i am talking about...

derick said...

great posting--there is balways the hope for a panacea---with that come the grey suits to fleece the masses.