Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Across the bare wood floor
hurriedly ran the roach
as it scurried from its dark
haven of clumped dust and hair
As it quickly neared
the center of the room,
distant from safety
there was not a single hesitation
Marissa leapt to her feet
with nothing to consider
and picked up her boys sneaker,
an immediate plan of attack
Whap, crack, the roach was dead
left lying among the other
carcasses of insects; kin.
No apology was needed or given


paisley said...

this made me remember a huge roach like "palmetto bug" we had in one of the roach infested dived i lived in when i was 18 on the strip in lauderdale... we had no qualms about killing all the other roaches... but "freds" affinity with watching tv in the dark with us spared him..... i wonder how "fred" is these days.....

Jane Doe said...

Loved it. I was all "Yes, kill the evil roach." I hate roaches. Great poem.


anthonynorth said...

And who would not. Well said.

TC said...


Glad she didn't have to think about that :)

tumblewords said...

Well done! A dead roach is a good thing, I think!

Corina said...


How can anyone NOT kill those crunchy little guys?

Linda Jacobs said...

Been there, done that. good for you!

Laane said...


We're having a requiem for a very large spider here.... brrrr...

You can find my 3 words ::here::.

Have a great day!

Leigh Lear said...

this made me laugh:)

myrtle beached whale said...

As a person that lived in the Philippines for two years any dead roach is a good roach. Really enjoyed this. Much lighter than your usual fare.

WriterKat said...

no apologies! That was fun!

LittleWing said...

eewww, i shiver just to think... roaches..nothin, but nothin will take them away once they've arrived... in hawaii their bigger than a house and fly...murderess, yesssss....

Amarettogirl said...

This piece was refreshing, witty and flat out fun! I grew up in NYC and believe me you - I've seen my share of roaches and murder a few too! Thanks for that 3WW writing!