Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boldly Gone, Boldly Taken

Dotty was hot and she knew it. Behind her back, all the women in town called her a slut, a tramp, whore, but of course never to her face as they all knew she'd "kick the shit outta them" if she ever heard it directly from them. The men folk, now they was a different story. To them she was a "tasty slice a pie", "a bitch in heat" a "sweet lil thing". Dotty was one of them women who knew how to treat her man yet always had the upper hand; especially in bed.

Every Saturday night she would go down to Earls Bar wearing the tightest thing she could squeeze her body into; never a wrinkle, never a crease. The only time you saw anything that remotely resembled under things was when you could see her own folds of flesh. Like I said, she was hot and she knew it. When she would walk through those doors every head would turn her way and you could see the smiles on the guys, almost drools, and the scowls of the ladies; and every night when she walked out those doors she would have a different guy latched onto her; every one of em lookin' for a good time, looking forward to a night with Dotty. See Dotty did things to a man that no wife would do, no respectable lady would do. She had the male population of Reedsville eatin' outta her hand; an beggin' to.

The night she met up with Jesse, a new guy in town, she had no clue that her life was about to be turned upside down. Jesse had been schooled in the art of pleasin' a lady from the time he was a pup. His momma had run a bordello four counties over and she knew the importance of a well trained man; a pleaser. From a tender age right up until Jesse made the decision to move on, he saw, heard and very often slept with the hired help, mommas girls, and was taught what they liked and what they disliked; he was almost a pro.

Jesse had heard all about Dotty and wanted some for himself so their meeting wasn't just chance; he had sought her out. At the end of the night, sure enough, she led him out the door and they walked down the block towards her house, Dotty leading and Jesse seemingly in tow. She had big plans for tonight; she always enjoyed "unwrapping" someone new and couldn't wait to see if what she thought was hidden underneath the denim was what she hoped for.

In her bedroom he seemed coy; she liked that. She started her seduction and was anticipating his melting in her hands when the tables soon turned. Once out of his Levi's and boots all coyness disappeared and he began to work his magic. Dotty was the one who was doing the melting tonight; she didn't know it was possible! The entire night Jesse held the cards and Dotty felt for the first time in her life as if she was on her way to heaven.

The entire evening continued like this and before long she was like a wet rag, limp, with occasional electric shocks coursing through her body. If she had only known this was the way it could always be, things might have been different. That night, Dotty had boldly gone, been boldly taken, to a place that no man had ever taken her before and by morning knew that Jesse was the one. The only one she would ever want again; whether she could have him or not.

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paisley said...

and don't you think for a moment exactly that cannot happen... some where some time some of us are fortunate enough to meet our match sexually,, and there will never be anyone else like that...

the right man,, specifically the right sex,, can make all the difference in a woman,,, and sometimes... you have to be a "slut" to find him.......