Friday, January 4, 2008

You reap what you sow

The vellum book housed
on the high altar
it's tales so highly purported.
Known once to all as
thee holy psalter
it's value was somehow distorted.
One day it just vanished
into the moss
of a bog beneath Fadden More.
The book of fiction was
thought to be lost
found the year that they did explore.
It caused us that time
to reminisce
about that age so long ago.
How pages so dear
could go amiss
perhaps they were trying to sow.


Michelle Johnson said...

I love your thought processes. Your poems seem to elicit some sort of thinking from readers. Thanks for sharing. I hope I don't ever lose any of my older books. Have a nice day.

tumblewords said...

Interesting - the book seems a familiar one. Provocative piece!

lissa said...

My favorite's the last part - how pages so dear...

thank you for sharing. have a wonderful weekend.

LittleWing said...

you have spoken so beautifully of this real event...aye the irish book found recently...opened at psalm 83...elohim...amen...

paisley said...

you have such a knack for poetry... i am so glad you are pursuing it more...
this was lovely... i have to wonder what might have grown.......

UL said...

yes,we do reap what we sow,beautifully crafted piece of work, thanks for sharing.