Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blue is the enemy

Earthly pleasures faded years past
time no more than a jail
allowing thoughts of fleeting sanity
to graze by hourly
telling you of the impossible recovery

Momentarily remembering lost youth
the days taken for granted
a collage of sorrowful misfortunes too
laid out before your mind
wishing for the movie to end

Ears ringing louder with each breath
mask the beeping machines
your tired eyes want to forever close
begging to forget your world
now is not the time to place blame

Across the room you vaguely see
a team responding to the code
paddles banging as you whimper
leave him be he's better off
they know not the pain he's bore

The last attempt, the time is called
he's no longer of this plane
the only feeling that you have
is jealousy for the lucky man
it should have been your flat line

1 comment:

paisley said...

excellent... i love this one...