Saturday, January 5, 2008

Old bequeaths New

When we think of the word new and the connotations it brings to mind we would never in a million years think that a new life could exist for our bodies right here on earth after we die. Many different thoughts exist as to where our "souls", our "energy" goes after death but for the most part it is presumed that our bodies will be no longer.

For the past five years I have wanted to see the exhibition of Gunther von Hagens' "BodyWorlds...The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies" and for some reason or another I've each time missed it. There were two times before today when I was in the location where it was being shown (Los Angeles 5 years ago and Las Vegas earlier this year) but never got the opportunity...until today.

On a recent post on my other blog, my original, "Deathsweeping", a comment was left which mentioned "BodyWorlds" and after reading it I decided to check out where they currently were. To my surprise, not only was the exhibition just a few hours from where I live but tomorrow was the last day it was being shown! I immediately purchased tickets online, secured a hotel room for the night and within an hour was on my way to see it.

It was truly fascinating to see what I see almost daily from the inside out; the human body is a marvel. What really amazed me however were the number of people who were also curious to see this exhibition. I didn't know how popular it was until I saw them letting in 125 people every 15 minutes. The other thought that I had after seeing the show was that these bodies, these people, who had donated themselves to Plastination had a "NEW" purpose. No longer living, breathing beings, yet evoking new thoughts, granting new experiences and providing new education to the minds of the living.

This may seem an odd take on the topic of the week however it's obvious that new is extremely relative and can take on different meanings for different people. I certainly wouldn't mind donating my body to this process after I no longer have a use for it's old bones. Just think how great it would be to know that you could continue to be the wind that fans the spark of just one new thought, one new experience, one new wow!


Renee said...

Very interesting perspective on the theme!

sister AE said...

I think the BodyWorlds exhibits are an interesting concept, but I must admit I find the idea a little creepy. I think this is partially due to my overactive imagination, and partly due to the anonymous nature of the bodies donated to the project - with them becoming objects instead of people.

But the scientific value, especially for people with no previous exposure to anatomy or medical studies, is huge.

Redness said...

I was spellbound when I saw the exhibition last year - seeing Gunter's TV provides and element of creepiness and the sound of that bansaw ... it's a thought provoking technique!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the coins!

Human body renews itself. Our skin renews ever 7 years and hair every 5 years.

Skyelarke said...

it's amazing what we can learn if we take the time to really see, new from old, present & future from past... we're all interconnected. neat take on the prompt.

MedStudentWife said...

I want to see this one, but it hasn't been brought close enough for me to go see it .

Glad you enjoyed it DS.

What is interesting, is that Fidel says that more and more they are "plasticizing" cadavers for med school studies

tumblewords said...

New is a relative term. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Exhibit. I've read some about it but haven't seen it 'in person'. Thanks for the opportunity to hear your reaction!

thetonguetiedmuse said...

Great perspective on the show. I wanted to see it and never got the chance.

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