Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Shrink, shrunk

The invisible scrawlings etched between
the elaborate folds of living matter,
decipherable by only itself and wholly
responsible for emotions unselected,
undoubtedly the cause
Ones thoughts carried from place to place,
each culled somewhere, somehow
Unreadable to anyone but the priviledged host
may times offer the finest unwanted,
unprovoked afflictions
Feelings of foulness that continuously
scrape, abrading the soul cannot be merely wished
away nor can be forgotten, healthy neurons provide
the conduit for images of uncontrolled
unhealthy, fetid fear; sorry
Could a prestigious title following ones name
make thee a decipherer of the illegible
trappings held deep within
the pleated upholstery of our minds
if we ourselves cannot?

1 comment:

DaisyBug said...

Nice - very real imagery. I like it. Thanks for sharing.