Thursday, January 17, 2008

Step Right Up!

Papa swore the pin head boy
was natures own reject
Mama claimed the bearded gal
was famed by mere neglect
Grandpa said the giant man
was purely statuesque
Grandma squealed the midget horse
was horribly grotesque
The turtle man an amputee
was surely out of place
On his cart with metal wheels
and pulled by a shoelace
The chemistry of the whole cast
was aided by the tent
Their faces had the creases of
those who feigned torment
The conjoined twins used as the hook
were often misconstrued
As two young girls who did not hide
a tryst, an interlude
No matter what the patrons screamed
the players they did know
This was their way to pay the rent
star in their own side show


Michelle Johnson said...

Your vision is very clear and strong here today with the use of these words. We all have to find our way someway or other. Even the ones in the circus. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening.

paisley said...

damn that was good!!!! i haven't even thought in that direction yet!!!! i love it that you are participating in this stuff... it really is fun isn't it????

UL said...

oh this was nice, very nice use of words and a wonderful message to pass through.

Christy said...

you brought the show to life. Well done!

tumblewords said...

I just flat love this! Great use of the prompt words!

Anonymous said...

The tone is lighthearted, yet the subject matter grim. Given the words, I can see how your mind went in this direction.

gautami tripathy said...

This reads like a song, albeit a serious one...

MedStudentWife said...

I like this one :D

LittleWing said...

the circus life...portrayed well...