Friday, January 4, 2008

Drown me

That night I first met you
I had not a thought,
that you'd be the one
my partner for life
You shone like a beacon
and lit up the room,
and acted as if
you never knew strife
My eyes were not open
not searching for you,
you walked in the door
like you owned the house
No make-up no lipstick
not hiding at all,
especially with
that peek-a-boo blouse
As quick as you entered
you said your goodbyes,
walked into the night
not seen for some years
I had not a feeling
to want to see you,
your leaving was fine
it brought me no tears
Those days are now over
when I didn't care,
the times when I thought
I didn't need you
Replaced with the feelings
of love that are real,
now happiest when
I'm drenched in your dew

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