Thursday, May 8, 2008

You tell me

Mashed words
crumpled note
Cyber nerds
code they wrote
Unhinged door
no brainiac
Lack of rapport
don't mean jack
Cop a squat
near the throttle
Prozac yacht
in a plastic bottle
Hockey puck
slippery ice
A little luck
would be nice
Unwanted whiff
an oily rag
Dirty handkerchief
makes you gag
Supposed prose
what a joke
I must suppose
it's just a cloak


Michelle Johnson said...

Deathsweep, this is really good. I love the lines: Prozac yacht
in a plastic bottle
Very clever. Hope your day goes well.

The Tin Woman said...

I am loving some of these pieces, I haven't written in so long it feels like centuries. I should pick up my writers journal again for sure. Have you been using any sort of prompts?