Saturday, October 24, 2009

please wait...I'm coming

Early morning was our time
together we'd watch the dawn unfold
note each new flower that had grown
discussing at length what the day would bring

Wrapped up in each others life
where we would go, what we would do
who we would see, thinking only today
not even a thought of doing anything alone

There were times we had spoken of
how hard it would be without the other
yet that was a time that was far, far away
neither of us knew it would come so soon

What was more important at those times
was knowing that someday we would never be apart
when work would be through for us both at one time
and together forever would finally be here

It hasn't changed that much for me
I'm still waiting for that day to arrive
when we can again be together
wherever it may be.


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Anonymous said...

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