Thursday, June 18, 2009

death to life

I know that it's nature, yet can't help but swear
The flowers keep blooming
The birds keep on singing
I know that it's nature that just seems so unfair

Like you never existed, or mattered at all
The world keeps on turning
The stars still do twinkle
Like you never existed, can you fathom the gall

Would it change anything, if everything ceased
If the rain never fell
Or the tide just stood still
Would it change anything, no, not in the least

But what does need to change, is the way that I feel
Begin to be grateful
Start thinking of me
Yes what needs to be changed, is finding some zeal

What I need to accept, is my life has been altered
Not over at all
Still can be on track
What I'm beginning to see, is my life's not absurd

Although I can't help but dwell on what's be taken away
Feeling alone, left behind
I know I have to keep living
Life would have been easier, if you could have stayed

We're born, we laugh, we cry, we die -
god damned nature - we can't live or die without it.


Michelle Johnson said...

Unfortunately we can't live or die without nature and her cruel intentions. But, we can savor her kindness when offered. Have a great night.

paisley said...

i guess the stability of nature is one of the things that allows time to heal us.. knowing that the earth still rotates and the sun still rises seems like it is natures way of saying this too shall pass... i have to keep that in mind myself....