Sunday, October 12, 2008


If all it would take was to imagine each day
the time that I wanted as mine
I know where and when, I know I would stay
so jocular and oh so sublime
The emotions I felt when first in love I fell
could never be matched I am sure
As hard as I try that minute to excel
at best I can hope it to endure
So, it's easy for me to know where to be
where I want to live out my days
No, not me, I need no potpourri
I simply want to keep my heart ablaze.


paisley said...

what an absolutely heartwarming sentiment... i am hoping this was shared with the beloved party,, as that is the persona that needs to see this.. needs to know....

miss seeing you around... glad you posted.. hope all is well....

tumblewords said...

Oh, this is captivating! Great!

Linda Jacobs said...

I like the rhythm and rhyme in this poem!

And you really nailed it! Yes, just to keep on living!

Stan Ski said...

Make your own history, or at least contribute what you can for people to remember.