Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twenty Seven Red

An expensive high, I mustn't lie
it grabs and holds your attention
Temporary as it may be, at times
it can dwindle ones pension

During the roll, or as it is dealt
sensibility sometimes omitted
Laying down dough just on a hunch
really should not be permitted

A free country it is, where I can win
or end my days in a shamble
do as I wish, spend till I'm broke
after all it's only a gamble


TC said...

A dangerous gamble though?

Joyce said...

Casino owners sure wouldn't want to post your poem. Very good. :)

paisley said...

not being a gambler i have never felt the need to play more than i could loose,, and thus it has remained a fun past time whenever i do get a chance to go to a casino...

tumblewords said...

It sure can swing either way! I like the ups!

one more believer said...

ah it is a fun game that i have never really indulged in.. tho my friends love it....