Monday, August 23, 2010

close encounters

Did you ever do something out of sheer impulse and then merely minutes later wonder why you did it or how you could reverse it? I've done it on more than one occasion and thanks to good fortune (as well as a good knowledge of escape routes) I have been able to recover each time although it would have been much better if these instances had never happened. People including myself like to generalize similar actions as spontaneity when in fact the word "spontaneous" usually refers to something good and the actions I mention are the farthest from good that's imaginable; therefore being the farthest from spontaneous as imaginable as next time I decide that I need to do, say or write something which seems questionable...and I do it with no regard to the feelings that it will cause someone else, that needs to be chalked up to being unfeeling, uncaring and down right stupid...not spontaneous. This post was neither spontaneous nor was it stupid, it was more on the lines of retrospection.

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