Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bitter ending

She looms in my mind; she hovers
my thoughts completely aromatized
I remember the days; us lovers
as one we seemed to be optimized
A duo is oh so efficient
at nursing the needs of each other
In time you become so proficient
there is never a need for another
But break the pair and you'll find
alone just tastes acidophilous
With beings no longer combined
each second in time feels so treacherous


paisley said...

it is difficult if not impossible not to feel bitter in a situation like this.. you are just working your way thru it.. it takes a while and hurts a lot,, but you will make it... i promise.

pia said...

You posted in 3WW!
I keep coming back to the second to last sentence. For some reason it takes a bit out of the sting of the last one

ThomG said...

I have felt pain like this, and you have captured it so well. Ouch.

anthonynorth said...

There's a deceptive deepness to this. Ouch, indeed.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, the pain hurts, but it makes good poetry. I love the sound of that word 'acidophilous', and the little word thingy, 'a duo is oh so'.

Tumblewords: said...

Fine work that shows where many of us have been...Neatly written!

Neverending story said...

I thought this was very well written, full of subtle poignancy. Enjoyed the use of acidophilous.

gautami tripathy said...

This somehow touched me..

3WW: no pawns spared

Life without Clots said...

whew, I am going to eat some yogurt after this...

blisshappens said...

yes, ouch. splitting hurts when the combined becomes so "one" -Meg