Friday, November 21, 2008

Reality can Sometimes Sting

At one time he envisioned simple things
which were born of his own imaginings
All that transpired around him was always
construed as either benign misfortune or good
Until that day when he became a secluded target
and experienced a threshing like no other known
Lying in a puddle of his own self he wandered within
and others benign misfortune became his tragedy
When finally recovered the skin around his left eye
resembled a patchwork plication prepared by the blind
He never knew the replaced orb was created from cullet
but he was aware that it could only mimic what it once was
The same as he himself could only mimic days before
when all was good and evil was in their minds not souls
For now he saw differently and this was not good
not just singularly but now he knew deep down
That no matter how he tried to evade the torturous truth
he had become a mere minion to his own dire fear
He felt he now walked this earth distinctly wearing
a bulls eye; ready for the next to pounce upon their prey



tumblewords said...

A well-done scary! Chilling, indeed.

paisley said...

fear is often the cull of past misfortune,, but is it ever really a reality,, or is it just a line we refuse to cross???

Michelle Johnson said...

I think we all walk around in this life with some sort of bull's eye waiting for someone to defeat our mere existence. But, it's how we try to live right and even stand up to our fears that makes us strong. Well done, deathsweep. Have a nice weekend.