Monday, December 10, 2007

Should I Would I Do I

Did you ever wonder what it was that you did wrong?
If it had been intentional I'd remember it wouldn't I?

Did you ever walk in a room and know something was amiss?
If it was important enough to me I'd recognize it wouldn't I?

Did you ever feel as if you didn't know what to do next?
If I was ambitious enough I'd know what it was wouldn't I?

Did you ever feel like you didn't care about any of these things?
If I really didn't care I wouldn't be asking about them now would I?


paisley said...

i swear to god i read this before,, is this the post you put up and then took back down???

deathsweep said...

no paisley this was the first time it was up----but it's been there since the 1oth ---I hope you didn't read it elsewhere