Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The minority rules

Who would have thought that this day would have ever gotten here?
Why didn't anyone tell me that I needed to keep track of the time?
Do you honestly think I knew all those days were being wasted?
Is there any way that I can somehow go back and change a few things?

Just a few minor things

I didn't think ignoring your needs all those years would cause an end like this.
There had never been any indication that I saw which led me to worry.
Taking things for granted has always been my forte but I guess this teaches me.
If only I could be given the chance for just one more yesterday; to change it.

Just a few minor things

Maybe if I had listened a little closer instead of being so self absorbed.
Perhaps if someone had mentored me on what the true meaning of love was.
I might not even need to ask for this today if I was who you expected me to be.
If I wanted you the way you wanted me, things would have been different.

Just a few minor things

copyright © 2007 ds mack

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MedStudentWife said...

:D Glad to see MOP back !!!

Beautiful piece :)